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Overview of International Photographic Art Festival Exhibition

I. Introduction
Whereas China Photographers Association and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government jointly organized 2016 China International Photographic Art Festival(CIPAF)& 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition (CIPAE) will conduct in Zhengzhou from May 26 to June 2, 2016. CIPAF is firstly organized by China Photographers Association and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, CIPAE is one of the largest international photographic events in the world. China International Photographic Art Festival and China International Photographic Art Exhibition (CIPAFE) were approved in August 2015 by the general offices of the Central Committee and State Council. It is hosted every two years, and won high recognition by the national government.
    CIPAFE: 1.CIPAF has 30 invitation exhibitions (with 3 exchange exhibitions). It will exhibit and show over 500 works from over 10 countries and regions; 2.CIPAE has 60 exhibitions. It will exhibit and show 738 outstanding works (2296 photos), which selected from 110 thousands works from 88 countries and regions; 3.CIPAFE has 15 activities, about 350 domestic and international photographers, and over 100 medium will participate in it.

II. Theme
   Theme: Set Off From East...
The great proposal “Belt and Road” initiated by President Xin Jinping is conductive to promoting regional prosperity and economic cooperation of the countries along the strategic line, strengthening the exchange of different culture, and enhancing global peace development. Therefore, “Belt and Road” is not simply the carrier of regional economic cooperation, but also a bridge for cultural integration of eastern and western art culture. Today, we set off from Zhengzhou, the origin of eastern civilization……

Sponsors: China Photographers Association, Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government
Organizer: Zhengzhou Culture Investment & Construction Co., LTD.
Supporter: Beijing Xinglian Wealth Information Technology Co., LTD.
Art Director: Xu Daqing
Curator: Xu Zhiqiang
Executive art Director: Nicolas Havette (France)

IV. Date          
May 26 -- June 2 (Shengda Art Gallery: May 26--June 26) 

V. Venue
Shengda Art Gallery, Henan Art Center, Zhengdong CBD Plaza, Shang City Ruins Plaza