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Hotel booking

The Exhibition Committee of China International Photographic Art Festival provides high-quality hotel services near the exhibition areas, so you can book your room easily without any worry of travel! You are welcome to book rooms! All booking via our website will be entitled to top-level services at competitive prices!
​Booking Hotline: 66868281  66868582  66868581

Designation Address Hotel to Shengda Art Museum Price
Zhengzhou BELLY International Hotel(Four Star) No.5 Weiwu Road, intersection of Huayuan Road and Weisan Road(metro line 1 Zijinshan Station) Bus:285、27、62、962、29、916.
Driving:About 9 minutes
Walking:About 30 minutes
double room,Double breakfast
Henan Shengshi Civil Aviation Hotel(Four Star) No.3 Jinshui Road(intersection of Jinshui Road and Dongming Road) Bus:43、916、26、115、305、112、Y817、285
Driving:About 9 minutes
Walking:About 15 minutes
double room,Double breakfast,     include two tickets to the airport bus
designation address Hotel to Henan art center price
Zhongzhou International Hotel(Zhengzhou CBD conference and exhibition center)(Four Star) No.201 Jinshui Road Driving:About 4minutes
Walking:About 11 minutes
double room,Double breakfast
Senfitel Garden Hotel(Four Star) At the north 20m of Jinshui Dong and Tongtai Road intersection Bus:305、916、26、115、919、43、B18、Y817
Driving:About 7 minutes
Walking:About 25 minutes
superior double room,Double breakfast
Zhengzhou Jing Feng Hao Yue Hotel(three star) No.27 building, intersection of Shangwu waihuan Road and Shangwu dongsan Street Bus:B19、26、205
Driving:About 14 minutes
Walking:About 26 minutes
Scenery Standard Room,Double breakfast
Zhengzhou Yun She Fashion Hotel(three star) Southeast corner of Shangdu Road and Nongye Road intersection Bus:916、14、60、570、
Driving:About 18 minutes
Walking:About 65 minutes
double room,Double breakfast
Zhengzhou Li Dong International Hotel(three star) Northeast corner of Shangdu Road and Huanghe Road intersection Bus:916、122
Driving:About 13 minutes
Walking:About 53 minutes
superior double room,Double breakfast
Zhengzhou Jing Xi.Ai Li She Hotel(three star) 13th floor, Jinfeng International center, No.27 Shangwu waihuan Road Bus:205、919、26、135
Driving:About 16 minutes
Walking:About 26 minutes
Scenery Standard Room,Double breakfast
Zhengzhou Zhongyou Garden Hotel(five star) Intersection of Zhongyi west road and Shangwu waihuan Road Bus:26、B3、135、Y813、B30、263
Driving:About 8 minutes
Walking:About 21 minutes
superior double room,Double breakfast
Wutongshu Holiday Hotel(Four Star) Intersection of Shangwu waihuan Road and tongtai Road Bus:205、43、26、B18、115、916、305、919、122、135
Driving:About 6 minutes
Walking:About 21 minutes
superior double room
Scenery Standard Room