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Company Overview
Zhengzhou Cultural Investment and Construction Co., Ltd. (“Zhengzhou Cultural Investment”) is a wholly state-owned enterprise, established by approval of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government and serves as an important platform for the implementation of “Competitive Cultural City” strategy.
Zhengzhou Cultural Investment was founded in November 9, 2006, at an investment of RMB 180 million Yuan. Its business covers investment and capital operation, stadium leasing, advertisement designing, video planning and consultant service, cartoon design, technological consultation service and exhibition services, etc. The company has six subsidiaries and through development over ten years, Zhengzhou Cultural Investment has become a famous state-owned cultural company with diversified industries and capital scales.
In accordance with the development goals of international openness, serves to the general public and arts, and carries out high-quality and diversified activities to promote art creation, promotion, presentation and collections. Since its foundation, Zhengzhou Cultural Investment has hosted a series of important cultural activities, including the Asia Art Festival, 2016 China International Photographic Art Festival and 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition .
Looking into the future, Zhengzhou Cultural Investment will firmly extend its business to capital market and make all efforts to build a international cultural brand creation platform and a cultural value adding capital platform, to promote the prosperity of cultural market and to facilitate development of Zhengzhou.