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International Photography Festival and Exhibition open in Zhengzhou

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Photography, let China to the world, and the world understand Zhengzhou.
May 26, morning, 2016 China International Photographic Art Festival & 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition grandly opened in Zhengzhou of Henan province, gathering thousands of photographers and enthusiast to Zhengzhou and sharing the light and shadow “Spiritual feast”.
The 11th session CPPCC vice-president Bai Licheng; China Federation of Literature and Art party member, vice-president, secretary of Secretariat Li Qianguang; the 9th session Henan PPCC vice-president Liu Qiwen; Henan People’s Government party member, deputy head of provincial cultural reform and development leading group Lu Guoxian; China Photographers Association president, appointe secretary-general Wang Yao; China Art Photography Society president Yang Yuanxin; China Federation of Literature and Art Theoretical research director Pang Jingjun; deputy secretary of Zhengzhou municipal party committee Cheng Zhiming; deputy secretary of Zhengzhou municipal party committee Hu Quan; Zhengzhou PPCC president Wang Zhang; Henan Federation of Literature and Art president Yang Jie; vice mayor of Zhengzhou municipality Liu Dong participated the opening ceremony.
​In the opening ceremony, the photographers come from Brazil, France, China shared the charm of photographic art. The hospitable Zhengzhou citizens play Yu opera which have a unique Zhongyuan characteristics and Shaolin martial arts etc to present guest.

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