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Call for Entries to 2018 CIPAF

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“Walking with the New Era, to create a community of image art”

Sight makes a different world. Using the lens to record wonderful moments, with light and shade to depict a better life. As the common spiritual wealth of mankind, image art is a global art language that is common to different ethnic cultures. With the development of internet technology and new media era, image art has brought profound changes in artistic concepts and image practices. From “Image art” to “a community of image art”, it is benefit to the contemporary image art from the national and geopolitical interpretation of image upgrade to the globalization of image exposure.

Nothing, not even mountains and oceans, can separate people with shared goals and vision. Stay true to your original self, walking with vision!

International Youth Photographers Support Program

       In order to promote the development of photography at home and abroad, to establish the global community of image art. Starting from the 2018 China International Photographic Art Festival, the International Youth Photographers Support Program will be launched globally. The project seeks to identify, support and promote young photographers and image artists who possess certain foundations and potential in ideological, cultural and visual languages, respectively to follow up creations, exhibitions and promotions, which to help more talented young photographers at home and abroad realize the dream of photography creation, promote the popularization and progress of photographic culture among young people, and build a platform for the promotion and exchange of young photographers at home and abroad.

Recruit Date: January 1 to April 30, 2018
Recruit Quota: One person
Support program date: May 2018 to May 2020
Support funds: 100 thousand 
1.     Under 40-year-old photographers and image artists can apply the program;
2.     The applicant need provide a copy of the award winning resume or related qualifications in photography work both in China and abroad;
3.     Planned Photography Project Descriptions in 2018: Including project contents and creative explanation, shooting date , planned start-up date, etc;
4.     Submit the completed project's overall project plan and works, the completed works require have never been public;
5.     Forms include but not limited to photography, creative photography, video and so on.
Exhibition Category
        The festival include International Youth Photographic Exhibition, National Center City Photography Exhibition, Local Photographers Works Exhibition, “Belt and Road” International Image Invitation Exhibition, “China in the Eyes of Foreigners” Photography Exhibition, “World in the Eyes of Chinese” Photography Exhibition, International Media Photography Invitation Exhibition seven category. Applications need according to different requirements of different types to submit the works, a single or a group works only choose one category, all works are not limited categories and forms. Welcome more comprehensiveness image works besides the photography to apply. The specific requirements are as follows:

1.     International Youth Photography Exhibition
(1)Full-time students and graduated students within three years of photography enthusiasts (unlimited professional) can submit entries;
(2)The subject and style of works are not limited (except commercial photography), the works can use various media creation.
2.     National Center City Photography Exhibition
(1)Participants need come from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou photographers and photography enthusiasts
(2)It subject matters include the achievements of 40 years of reform and opening up such as human landscape, historical culture, local conditions and customs and social development in national center cities.
3.     Local Photographers Works Exhibition
(1)Participants need come from Henan Province
(2)Participants need submit a text material include a brief description of the theme, shooting concept, background, ideas and others;
(3)It subject matters include but not limited documentary, scenery, architecture, news, sports, animals, art photography and commercial photography and so on.
4.     "Belt and Road" International Photography Invitation Exhibition
(1)Participants need come from the countries along "Belt and Road";
(2)It subject matters include human landscape, historical culture, local conditions and customs and social development;
5.     "World in the Eyes of Chinese" Photography Exhibition
(1)Participants are Chinese;
(2)It subject matters include human landscape, historical culture, local conditions and customs and social development of all over the world;
6.     "China in the Eyes of Foreigners" Photography Exhibition
(1)Participants are foreigners;
(2)It subject matters include human landscape, historical culture, local conditions and customs and social development of China;
7.     International Media Photography Invitation Exhibition
(1)Domestic and foreign news photographers (journalists) and professional photographers can submit entries;
(2)The subject matter of the entries should be mainly journalistic documentary.
Entry Rules
1. Submission works are not limited color, black and white, both single photo and series are acceptable. Each single photo or series is counted as “one piece”. The number of photos in each series (or piece) should be limited to 4-8.
2. Submission works are JPEG format, each work is not less than 5M, distinguishability is 300dpi.
3. The festival does not accept works and award-winning works exhibited in major domestic exhibitions in recent years. The participants must guarantee the originality of their works. The works involve the copyright, reputation and portrait rights and others, the participants or organization liable for any dispute.
4. All works are required to have a text description (about 200 words), no text description will not be received. The text description includes the content introduction of works, the venue and time of the works, and the summary of the meanings, etc.
5. International photographic festival does not have exhibition fee and does not refund works, all works printed and mounted uniform by China International Photographic Festival organizing committee. 
6. If the participants submitted their works, which deemed agreeing to their works can be used in media promotion and exhibition during the exhibition publicity period and exhibition period. 
7. All or part of images of any other person should not be used for all entries by any technology or method. The participant should be legally liable for any dispute resulting from violation of the foregoing.
8. For works and actions that could sufficiently jeopardize the public order (including but not limited to situations that may seriously mislead public awareness or have the nature of fraud, and all other situations that are in violation of national law, social morality, public order and good customs), they should be immediately disqualified once found. The works involves religious, national politics and other sensitive subjects will be rejected.
9. The participants who have submitted their works should be deemed agreeing to all the rules provided in this notice. In case of copyright disputes, the authenticity of the documentary works issues and other serious violations of the rules, the organizing committee should disqualify the participants in question and inform the media.
10. The organizing committee reserves the right or final interpretation on this notice and all matters in relation to the exhibition.
 Since the release date until to March 30, 2018

Entry Submission
Entry email: cipaf2018@163.com
1.     Submission folder naming format: "submission category + country / province + exhibition name + contributor name + contact information"
2.     Please pay attention to the official Wechat “International Photography Festival and Exhibition” or official website (www.cipafe.com) download registration form and fill in the form carefully, if the information or file name are wrong, you will be disqualified.
Contact Information

1.     Telephone: +(86) 0371-66310366
2.     Mailing Address: No.113 Chengdong Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, China.
Postcode: 450000  To: Art Department
Exhibition Venue

​Cultural plaza of Zhengzhou East District

Shengda Art Gallery

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