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2018 CIPAF · Gallery Exhibition

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2018 China International Photographic Art Festival
“Walking with the New Era,
to create a community of image art”

Sight makes a different world. Using the lens to record wonderful moments, with light and shade to depict a better life. As the common spiritual wealth of mankind, image art is a global art language that is common to different ethnic cultures. With the development of internet technology and new media era, image art has brought profound changes in artistic concepts and image practices. From “Image art” to “a community of image art”, it is benefit to the contemporary image art from the national and geopolitical interpretation of image upgrade to the globalization of image exposure.
Nothing, not even mountains and oceans, can separate people with shared goals and vision. Stay true to your original self, walking with vision!
Gallery Invitation Exhibition
2018 China International Photographic Art Festival instituted gallery exchange exhibition, which is aimed at guiding the healthy development and prosperity of the art market, advocating the integrity of art, enhancing the artistic taste and leading the development of the art market. 
Exhibition Venue & plane graph

Shengda Art Gallery

The first floor of Gallery exhibition

The second floor of Gallery exhibition


1. Application date: January 1 to March 30,2018
2. Application materials: Application form (click original article ), short history of the gallery and exhibitions, list and brief introduction of artists represented, exhibition history for the past two year and exhibition planning for the upcoming two year, exhibition planning for 2018 China International Photographic Art Festival, 20 small jpgs of works proposed for exhibition, please ensure that these works are properly labeled with full image captions and explains. 
3. The application result will be notified in writing to the Gallery which can exhibit in photography festival. The final decision is made by the China International Photography Festival Organizing Committee t, in addition to other requests no longer be taken into account.
4. Attention: All works of exhibition cannot be in violation of Chinese law, social morality, public order and folk customs, etc., they should be immediately disqualified once found.
5. If submitting an application, it means that the galleries agree that the organizers will not pay for the promotion and display their works during the exhibition publicity period and the exhibition period.
6. The galleries need layout exhibition work by themselves, the photography festival committee will supervise the work, and prohibit irretrievable operation on the exhibition area.
7. The galleries which have submitted their materials should be deemed agreeing to all the rules provided in this notice.
8. The organizing committee reserves the right or final interpretation on this notice and all matters in relation to the exhibition.

E-mail: cipaf2018@163.com
Contact Us
1. Telephone: +(86) 0371-66310366 
2. Mailing address: No.113 Chengdong Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, China.
Postcode: 450000

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