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Face to face realize international photography festival and exhibition

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Since May 26, 2016 China International Photographic Art Festival & 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition has exhibited 4 days, the editor let you realize “supreme” international photography festival and exhibition, taking you into the photographer’s paradise…

Four Photo Folio Review
One by one careful guidance
Let you learn expert original ideas

Photo Folio Review on site

The Founder and Art Director of Italy Lucar Photolux Photographic Festival
 | Enrico Stefanelli (Italy)

Photographer, Curator, Iceland Morning Paper editor, the lecturer in the Reykjavik Institute of Photography | Einar Falur Ingolfsson ( Iceland) 

​French Diaphane Press art director, French Photaumnales Photographic Festival art director, 2016 H.K. International Photographic Festival curator.
| Fred Boucher (Frence)

Art critic, curator of The Open Museum of Photography in the Israel National Museum | Naama Haikin (Israel)

Four Lectures
To learn the story of works
Take photos to record precious moments
“Insight—Cross Era Photographic Art”
Lecturer: Evandro Teixeira (Brazil), he began his career in photojournalism in 1957, he is a famous news and documentary photographer, used to be a photojournalist in Rio de Janeiro Evening News, the chief reporter in Brazil Daily Newspaper, etc. Evandro Teixeira (Brazil) used every works recorded the events, storing as precious photo documents, these works are not only express the events, but record the present era background.
“The meaning of Photography and Society”
Lecturer: Zhu Xianmin (China), the 6th and 7th vice-chairman of China Photographer Association. He is now working as Executive Chairman of China Art Photography Society.
Zhu Xianmin (China) share photographic tips with photography enthusiast: what is a documentary photography, documentary photography is shooting today see tomorrow and need to be meaningful. Photography need record real time status and shot meaningful works. When taking pictures, the eyes are behind to camera, brain is behind to the eyes.
“Italian Contemporary Photography”
Lecturer: Enrico Stefanelli (Italy), the founder and art director of Italy Lucar Photolux Photographic Festival, curator of European Photography Exhibition Award.
Enrico Stefanelli (Italy) tell Italian photographer taking different works and the deep meaning of works.
“Witness Rangoon New Photography”
Lecturer: Christophe Loviny (France), founder of Rangoon Photography Festival.
Christophe Loviny (France) through shoot figure reflects the changing and development history of photography in Burma.
Photographic Book, Photo, Equipment Transaction Activity

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