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The Photo folio review and Lectures of 2016 China International Photographic Art Festival & 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition hold in Shengda Art Gallery
Photo Folio Review
Time: May 27-28
Address: Shengda Art Gallery

Enrico Stefanelli (Italy)

The Founder and Art Director of Italy Lucar Photolux Photographic Festival
 | Enrico Stefanelli

Einar Falur Ingolfsson ( Iceland)

Photographer, Curator, Iceland Morning Paper editor, the lecturer in the Reykjavik Institute of Photography | Einar Falur Ingolfsson 

Naama Haikin (Israel)

Art critic, curator of The Open Museum of Photography in the Israel National Museum | Naama Haikin
Fred Boucher (Frence)

French Diaphane Press art director, French Photaumnales Photographic Festival art director, 2016 H.K. International Photographic Festival curator.
| Fred Boucher

Time: May 27-28
Address: Shengda Art Gallery

Christophe Loviny (France)

Christophe Loviny (France), founder of Rangoon Photography Festival.

​International Photography Festival and Exhibition
Not only give you an opportunity to learn
And provide communication space for everyone
If you have not participated in any activities, please grasp the opportunity
The place have already prepare for you
Just waiting for you…

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