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“Years of War, Revolutionary Juvenile” International Invitation Exhibition

Year of War, Revolutionary Juvenile
Never forget history,never forget the back of youth during the war

The revolutionary organization of Chinese youth and children has a history of about 100 years since the Labor and Children Corp at the beginning of last century.
During the different periods of Chinese revolution, there are children associations around their fathers and brothers, and many of them have given their lives as the adults.

The earliest Chinese revolutionary children association was Labor and Children Team, founded during the First Revolutionary Civil War (1924-1927) by Chinese Communist Party in big cities like Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on. After the failure of the Great Revolution, Labor and Children Corp was gradually recovered and developed. In December 1930, the Central Committee of the Communist Young League made the"Resolution on Children's Campaign", which defined the children's campaign as the"Communist Children's Corp", and stipulated that the children's association in Soviet area can be named as"Communist Children's Corp". The objectives of the Corp was to organize youth and children to join in the revolutionary work within their power, such as organizing children to read books, advertising the Red Army, supporting the army and giving preferential treatment to the families of the army man, standing sentinel and doing guard duty, singing and practicing... The sign is the red scarf and the salute is raising the hand above the head with the fingers together. The words are"be ready and getting ready all the time!"

From 1927 to 1949, China had undergone the Great National Revolution, Agrarian Revolution, Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation. From the historical photos in the China Photo Archives of the Xinhua News Agency, we can find the figures of red revolution youth in all the important moments, including in the team of the Red Army's Long March, the forward position in the war with Japanese invaders, in the battlefield of the Northeast United Resistance Army, as well as in the gunfire of the War of Liberation. They had no book to read and not enough food to eat. Instead, they had to go through the hard time brought by the war and tough them during the war. During over 20 years' warfare, how many Chinese soldier and Chinese people lost their lives indeed? We have not find a comprehensive, accurate and authoritive number until mow.

Today, we exhibit a period of history of the revolutionary juvenile, asking people never forget history and never forget the back of youth during the war time. We really hope no longer any wars, Our children have no responsibility to bear what bring by the war.

Chen Xiaobo 

Photos from 1940s to 1970s, which reflecting Chinese juvenile’s different life memories in that particular historical period. The photos filled with a special scene of Chinese history and way of life.


    “Years of War, Revolutionary Juvenile” International Invitation Exhibition

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