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International Colleges Photography Exchange Exhibition

The young international creation tendency 

With the exhibition “Sculpting Photography" CIPAF becomes a plateforme to show the tendency of the international young photographic creation. 7 young artists have been selected after an international call for participation. They are using photography as raw material as sculptors are using stones.Then they manipulate images, having no faith in the “Here & Now” that is defended by traditional photographers. They are trying to avoid the authority of the Time and the Space, experimenting, avoiding the facts and trying to find coherence or inconsistency of the globalized world coming. By sharing generously their work, they are asking us questions, enlarging the field of photography by using the contemporary techniques and way of thinking.

Curator: Xu Daqing 

The exhibition focuses on young promising photographers, pay attention to the latest creations from major domestic and international universities. Hoping to find a key to interpret contemporary photographic tendency from these high spirit and emerging works. The idea for this exhibition is from Chen Min.


    International Colleges Photography Exchange Exhibition

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