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World View of the Young--Young Journalists from Xinhua News Agency International

World View of the Young

—— Group Exhibition of Young Photographers from Xinhua News Agency

The international news photos taken by the young photographers from Xinhua News Agency in recent years are selected for this exhibition. Looking back on those events and touching moments, these young Xinhua photographers were all at the scene. They took a panoramic record of the changes in the world with loyalty to life and sincerity to photography. The photos reflect Xinhua News Agency's progressive and solid pace in international news photography, mirroring Xinhua News Agency's style and future as a global news agency.

Those young Xinhua photographers will continue to move on with the world, and witness the world's development and progress, convey the Chinese unique perspective and point of view, and show the common fate and emotion of the human, as well as record the touching moments and changes by cameras.

The world and photography are still very young. The record of the world's beauty, sadness and even cruelty is the confidence to make the world better; Photography is the non-linear reflection connecting the inner mind and the outside world, and we are still far from using up its potential.

We are full of confidence and power on the way forward because we are all young.

Curator: Wu Xiaoling 

The exhibition is composed of excellent photos taken by Xinhua News Agency foreign correspondents. It reflects Xinhua News Agency’s international photo reports based on major events, as well as the image creativity from photojournalists, expressing Chinese perspectives and views.


    World View of the Young--Young Journalists from Xinhua News Agency International

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