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International Photography Documentary Awards


Author : Minzayar (Myanmar)
Title : The price of Jade  


time :  3’22’’


Minzayar with “The price of jade” won the first prize of Yangon Photo Festival professional documentary photo essay in March 2016.

Minzayar Oo is a Burmese photojournalist and a documentary photographer 


Since 2013, he has been working extensively on an ongoing documentary project to reveal issues surrounding Myanmar’s secretive, billion-dollar jade mining industry in conflict-torn Kachin State.


Author :  Pablo Ernesto Piovano (Argentina)


Title : The Human Cost of Agrotoxins  




Grants winner of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation documentary photography 2015
Pablo Ernesto Piovano with “Il Costo Humano” is the winner of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation documentary photography grant in July 2015

Pablo Ernesto Piovano
Pablo Ernesto Piovano is a photojournalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trained from a young age by his photojournalist father, he has been a staff photographer for the Página/12 newspaper in Buenos Aires since the age of 18. Mr. Piovano is a multi-scholarship winner and has trained and mentored with many renowned photographers.