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“Personal Landscape" is a program of 3 screenings using photography : Photo-film.

Photographers are now using the screen as well as book and printed exhibition to find new narrative forms for their work.

The 3 young artists shown here, Robin Lopvet, Pauline Fargues and Ilka Kramer are exploring the idea of Landscape unsing contemporary tools.


Artist name: ROBIN LOPVET


Title: Voyage Voyage


 Length: 5min 28s


Voyage Voyage is an experimental animation using tools to correct images which appear one after the other in the animation with good organization. Classical landscape paintings transform little by little with mutual integration and separation, and finally fused together.


Bio: Born in 1990 in the Vosges (France), Robin Lopvet is a photographer and visual multimedia artist working on the issue of language games, economy recovery, parody, crafts and artistic layout. During his studies of engineering sciences, he discovered his love for photography. So he decided to transfer to Lorraine Higher Art School in Epinal graduated in 2012. Afterwards, he continued to study in National School of Photography in Arles, and finished his studies at New York Institute of Photography. Now, he works on the Internet. 





Title: Page's


Length: 7min


"Page's" is a short video derived from rock culture, containing about 8000 pages. In which, the notebook of Pauline Fargue is presented, connecting the underground temporality and the perpetual present. The music is edited by Feelies. Montage paces and the dances are precisely presented in the form of pages, which is a unique technique. 


It begins with the photos that have been shot just now, posted together with diary and letters, forming various harmonious, fluent and clean wild movements. 


"Pages'" 2012 © Pauline Fargue. / "Loveless Love" 1980 © The Feelies.


Bio: Born in 1975, Pauline Fargue is a performer, video artist and sculptor, but most of her works form into photography in the form of pages one after another. 


Her works won the "Discovery Award 2015" of Arles Photography Festival and LUMA Foundation. 


Her works are exhibited at the Van Gogh Fund Exhibition 2010 in Arles, Gallery of the day of Photography Window Show 2012 - Agnes and Paris,Dance Show in Paris and Inter Gallery in Beijing in 2013, Four Street Photography Museum in Mexico in 2014, Ignacio Culture Center in San Miguel de Allende, International Photography Meeting in Arles as well as International Photo Festival of Jimei X Arles Eastern and Western Photography Meeting in Xiamen, China in 2015.


Artist name: ILKA KRAMER


Title: Landscape with anemone


Length: 10 min 04s.


The video “Landscape with anemone missing” shows another understanding of nature, inspired by the Chinese word of landscape “mountain-water”. There is a correlation between the up and down, the immobile and the movement, between what has form and what is without form. These different elements of nature relate to each other and create a tension, which allows the spectator to have a more physical and emotional approach to landscape.