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The Burning Childhood

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《The Burning Childhood》
Dhanbad, the coal capital of India, in Jharkhand has the largest concentration of underground and open cast coal mines of India. Places like Luntengunj, Bokapahari, Belgharia and Ghanudih etc are just a few places where opencast coal mining and related activities are the source of livelihood for a huge majority of the 1,200,000 odd population that inhabit them. Dhanbad has 112 coal mines, the maximum concentration being in Jharia, with a total production of about 27.5 million tonnes and an annual income of 7000 million rupees through the coal business. However, the flip side is the terrible working conditions that the inhabitants – especially children – have to exist in. Children get affected in more ways than one. While poverty is the sole driving factor that compels adults to put their children into scavenging and transporting coals in these hazardous conditions, the complete lack of a proper sociological and economic structure robs the children of not only their childhood, but their adulthood as well.